Home Stay

Experience a stay in a traditional village in the heart of Nepal only 4 hours from Kathmandu and contribute to enhance the livelihood of remote regions you can stay at Lalu’s home,

A visit to the village will be organized for you based on the season, your own wishes and occasionally on special events. The experience can vary from watching local people work in the fields, learning how to use herbal medicine or making a basket with leaves, watching wildlife, visiting the primary school and many other unique local activities.
For any extra day, similar programmes can be arranged. You can go on your own or be accompanied by Lalu or one of his sons. His sons speak very basic English but they always find a way to make themselves very well understood.


Share local people’s life and learn about Tamang traditions
Lalu will tell you everything you want to know about religion, occupation, food or social relationships


Walk around and play with the children
Have some tea or local wine with elderly people and ask about their life
You will never forget their smiling faces and warm hospitality


Take a rest in this quite serene place away from machines and motors, a simple life living close to the natural world, as it has been for millenia
Bath in the Sun Kosi river
Enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of the river


Depending on the season, you will see a wide variety of birds like parrots and Langur monkeys
If you are fortunate, at night you may hear the roar of a tiger,


Lalu’s home has 2 basic but very clean rooms with double beds, mattress and blankets. Right next to the house, there is a separate bathroom with toilets, which is rare in the village but makes your life much more comfortable.
It is also equipped with nets even though mosquitos are rare.


Lalu is a very good cook but without any way to keep any kind of food, Lalu will prepare basic but fresh and tasty western style food for you: soup, noodles, tuna with vegetables salad, fried eggs and many other delicious dishes. If you prefer, you can have also lentils and rice or a local purée made of corn. You will be able to try different local wines (chang, raksi) and Lalu will provide you with mineral water and milk tea or coffee.


Day 1: Kathamandu to Patchuarghat by bus (4 hours)
Day 2: Visit of the village
Day 3: Patchuarghat to Kathamandu by bus (4 hours)

Extra days: free programme

Cost: 80 USD per person
Extra day: 20 USD per person

– Pickup from Kathmandu hotel (plus taxi if necessary from hotel to bus station)
– Transportation by local bus
– Room in the village
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the village
– One hot water basket to shower if required

– Extra food on the way or in the village
– Personal insurance and equipment




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