Nepal offers some of the most distinct natural landscapes and mountainous terrains that are found nowhere else on earth. An ideal destination for people looking for all kinds of adventures and expedition. Its rich ethnic diversity and culture have attracted many from all over the world. Trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas provides an opportunity to be in natural surroundings and to get away from the exhausting crowds of the cities. Trekkers can tread along the irregular but beautiful trails or unexplored tracks amid verdant hills. The dark and deep forests filled with diverse seasonal flowers blossoming will catch anyone’s eye. So will the scattered residential cottages, domestic and forest animals, variety of birds. Moreover, the temples of Hindus and Buddhists, breath-taking scenery of mountains, and above all, warm greeting from smiling local people will fill your heart with unparalleled calmness. It is also an opportunity for trekkers to comprehend the lifestyle of the indigenous people who have been living in the Himalayas for centuries.

Beautiful view of the roofs of the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Lo, Upper Mustang. Nepal. Travel to explore the ancient culture of Tibet.
Panorama of Himalaya mountain landscape in Lo Manthang, the capital of Upper Mustang, Nepal.


Trekking and hiking appeal to people for different purposes. However, generally, what Trekking in Nepal offers is the speculative views of the mountain ranges. The rhythmic steps of your on-foot travel provide ample opportunities to enjoy with nature. Venturing beneath the shadow of the great Himalayas is fascinating and enchanting as you switch up through grand canyons, dazzling waterfalls, rumbling rivers, whispering trees and shrubs, and whistling of the cool breeze. Above all the lively communities of mountain residents and their opened-arm hospitable nature, add the right amount of flavor to your delightful trip. When you see the little Himalayan kids looking at you with wonder while passing through their village, you feel a different kind of energy and serene as you’ve never felt before.

Those small eyes of Himalayan kids looking at you while passing through their village Manang Annapurna region.
Those small eyes of Himalayan kids looking at you while passing through their village at Manang, Annapurna region.


Moreover, the perfect wilderness excites spiritual catharsis. Some areas consist of unmapped lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, and flower-filled valleys. The beauty of the wildlife, the rugged and unyielding mountains in this pristine environment inspires in all of us a sense of oneness with something this great. To stand in the sunlight under the blue skies, on the top of a mountain is truly a wonder. Our packages are reasonable and flexible enough so you will be able to customize your trekking to suit your interests. Our trekking tours are intended to satisfy all degrees of skill and the various levels of fitness and energy. One thing that we induce in all our treks is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.